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Human Earthling League

Interplanetary Representation.
Founder of Human Earthling League.

Our Precepts, aims and purposes

We, Human Earthlings, at Human Earthling League, recognize the existence of Aliens species.
We are aware that Aliens and UFO are not fake or supernatural phenomenons.

We are aware that Mankind showed for millenia a very dirty behaviour.
But we are aware too that good people remain among Mankind, whatever the era, the nation, the culture, the civilization, the race.
We are aware that maybe only 20 % of Mankind is of this kind.
We are aware that Mankind cannot continue as is, letting bad/wrong people at powers.

Human Earthling League represents this 20% of Mankind.
We are for Elberton Guidestones.

We think that Aliens species are not better than us, Human Earthlings.
We think that the only real gift that “Aliens” could give us is not technology, but peace, namely, the eradication of all the vermin that govern each state.
We don't think that Technology is the only way to evolve.
We know that Technological evolution gives no propensity to intelligence, let alone to integrity, notions of justice and fairness.
We know that, for now, we do not need more and new technology, since we can live very well with the one we use, but we need true justice since we cannot continue to live like we are doing.

Surely, we are living a huge change since few years, and we have to change our behaviour about them, since, we are now in a decisive and serious phase of transition for Mankind.
From now, we have to show an intelligent line and speech because most of published books about Aliens are, if not ridiculous, only wind, and do not bring anything, and even some are counter-productive.
We are on the same (right) page since we talk about them like we talk about anything else, naturally.
Anyway, their revelation is much more hard to set up, much more complicated to manage.
We don't think that it would be smart to do it.
As for Human Earthlings, as for them.
The risk is very, very, very high.
So, We promote a strategy in order to avoid any chaos, under a "Disclosure Protocol".
We are aware that their revelation has to be done to a few people only, meaning the ones mentally able to bring something in the discussion, like us. The revelation has to be done a little by little.

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