Aliens Existence Disclosure Protocol

Human Earthling League

Surely, we are living a huge change since few years, and we have to change our behaviour about them, since, we are now in a decisive and serious phase of transition for Mankind.

From now, we have to show an intelligent line and speech because most of published books about Aliens are, if not ridiculous, only wind, and do not bring anything, and even some are counter-productive.

We are on the same (right) page since we talk about them like we talk about anything else, naturally.

Anyway, their revelation is much more hard to set up, much more complicated to manage.

We don't think that it would be smart to do it.

As for Human Earthlings, as for them.

The risk is very, very, very high.

So, We promote a strategy in order to avoid any chaos, under a "Disclosure Protocol".

We are aware that their revelation has to be done to a few people only, meaning the ones mentally able to bring something in the discussion, like us. The revelation has to be done a little by little.

Disclosure protocol

It is certain that they will not reveal to us everything about themselves, especially their most secret and intrusive faculties, like mind reading...

I am not saying we do not need or do not deserve to evolve, I am just warning that those ones who would give us lessons, are not exemplary....

For example, some Aliens species do not like animals, and do not understand that us, Human Earthlings, can love dogs and cats, and even have them as companions...
These few points of introduction said, it is certain that the disclosure of their existence will be done one day or another.
It is possible that it may be done only out of obligation, necessity, force of things.
In any case, it cannot be done thoughtlessly, or in an instant without extreme precautions.
A rigorous, intensive and extensive protocol must be established and followed in order to avoid any outburst, both mental and moral.
And despite this, we must be lucid, since Men are different from each others in more than one way, there will be many incidents.
It is certain that their non-disclosure, or even the denial of their presence, is a double will.
That of our governments to show that they are perfect and unique, with no alternative but to keep them, and that of Aliens not to be bothered and harassed in order to continue to live their autarchic existence and to mind their business on their own.

The official declaration that they really exist, is not to be written without reflection, and cannot be spread in a press release of one or a few sentences.
Apart from the recurring and persistent problem of avoiding a wave of panic, such a revelation will raise many, many, many questions, especially concerning some worry, of multiple levels of anxiety.
And all the more answers to make assimilate.
Already by trying to reassure.
But how to appease without using lies and omissions when already, those of our officials who will have to answer, will not be worthy of an absolute trust, and that they will remain out of omniscience regarding these Aliens, not being able to know everything about them...

So much elementary knowledge to make people learn at forced steps.

The task will be more than arduous, already, in view of that most Human Earthlings do not know the geography of their own planet, even less its countries, with their different ethnic groups and cultures... Let alone its fauna, and even less its flora...

So what would be about the intellectual prehension of fifty officially listed “Alien” species?

There are two essential aspects to consider without fail:
First, the psychological acceptance of this new reality, which will be a forced personal labour, more or less brutal, more or less radical, which can lead to temporary or even definitive mental troubles;
Then, following if not simultaneous, the intellectual one, in order to bring our universal knowledge to a sufficient level, first as to its natures, but also the scientific one, concerning all matters, even forcing us to tackle new ones, such as those about Time or other dimensions of existences.

Thus, it will be necessary to teach the Earth’s human population, the basis of their states, that is, at least, for each of these new species:

  • their name,

  • their morphology,

  • their language(s),

  • their writing(s),

  • their manners,

  • their different races if existing,

  • their origin,

  • their character(s) and mentalit(y)(ies),

  • their morality and their ethics,

  • their political approach(es),

  • their relationship(s) with any divinity, and therefore their religion(s),

  • their relations with the notion and situation of death,

  • their societal mode(s),

  • their laws,

  • their physical and mental skills (such as telepathy, for example),

  • their average intellectual level,

  • their scientific level,

  • their technological level,

  • their nutrition(s),

  • their relation(s) with animals,

  • their occupations, hobbies, sports,

  • their function(s) and role(s) in the Universe,

  • the nature of their intentions in general, but also and especially towards us, knowing that there would be among the listed species, at least 3 reported hostile, and with conquest objectives...

But also, it will be necessary to teach about:

  • their planet and its geography,

  • their History,

  • their culture(s),

  • their ethnic(s),

  • their Fauna and Flora...

And above all, and even before anything else, we will have to know everything about their disease(s), since there is already a painful past (case in Brazil) about a physical contact with an Alien, where the Earthling had to be hospitalized urgently, and is dead...
So, learning the minimum about them is already a tedious and long task, even if it remains more than interesting, and this, for a single species, then, what will be it about fifty?!
This represents a colossal amount of important knowledge to learn, but also to assimilate, without any confusion on our part, from each of us.
Indeed, it will be crucial to be able to recognize each of these Aliens species, and especially to distinguish them, because a mistake might seem disrespectful to them, and could lead to a disastrous diplomatic crisis...
It will therefore take time to comprehend these necessary basic information in order not to sink, neither into panic, nor into paranoia, but also, neither into candid naivety, nor into lightness and carelessness.
This assimilation will be the most important, the most serious of all our knowledge that Mankind will have had to face.
And this cannot be solved in the lapse of time of an official declaration.
If even people are really enthusiastic about wanting to learn...
This necessary phase for acquaintance, and also for consciousness, will be a murky period, which may give rise to doubts and worries.
And from the latter to fear, there is only one step.
It is from this point that the greatest risk of panic and drifts can occur.
It will be indispensable to make daily TV shows, and articles on the internet in order to inform what they are, and are not...
It will also be necessary to chase “objectors” and their infox... Whether they are to show them under a “good” or a “bad” light, but always spurious...
We can easily understand that the disclosure of their existences is facing the similar questioning about the hen and the egg.
People would have to be informed beforehand about the nature of Aliens, but talking about it would be to reveal their presence.
There will be so much to learn and to make learn, to educate the population of all levels, of all cultures, of all religions, just in order to avoid any panic, terror and distress, or an “Alien hunt”...
And so, to make accept them whatever they may be.
We already face racial problems within our own species on our own same planet, so what will be about...?
I mention this necessity for the future, but the smartest decision, in view of the enormous amount of information to be acquired, would be to undertake this intellectual and moral formation from now on.
It would be useful to start with some television programmes and school courses in order to prepare a mental state of willingness to accepting.
And other factors will have to come into play, such as the need to update information about them in real time, like their news.
First, to reassure the Earth’s human population about what’s going on, or not.
This being, counter-currents will have to be taken into account.
Indeed, we will have to get rid of the idea of wanting to reap any benefit and advantage from these more technologically, and perhaps, for some, physically and mentally, advanced species.
And there will remain a significant point, the one to control any repulsive behaviour.
Indeed, what will be about some of us facing a reptilian species for example, since we already contain a visceral herpetophobia?!
Would education be enough?
We have not to, and cannot like all species.
“ If all men (alien) count with you, but none too much...” (Without being them everything to us...) Rudyard KIPLING.

Moreover, the persistent problem will be the one we have always known, the political one.
In view of the empire of evil reigning within all circles of powers and each nation on Earth, there will be a paradoxical and contradictory dichotomy, one such the point that these leaders of all stripes will want to associate themselves with these species with powerful technology, at least with the evil ones, because they will fear both to be brought to heel and to be eradicated, either by an even much more radical “Evil”, or by the “Good” which never suits them...

And there is yet another situation that will be painful for us.
The one to take responsibility in front of certain species for our past and present dirty acts, our strange manners, our curious beliefs, our ridiculous religions...
We will have to face a judgment, theirs.
If it is not the last one, it will undoubtedly be without any mercy, just sprinkled with some mitigating circumstances, as our weaknesses and our atavistic mediocrity and stupidity...

Even if some of these species already know us very well because they have witnessed our behaviour for decades, the time will come to explain and justify us, in order to obtain a certain consideration, a certain respect, with the ultimate aim of being listened to, accepted and required to take part in interplanetary discussions.
Having a humanoid morphology, and some form and level of intelligence will not be enough to enter the circle of the “new” decision-makers.
It will even be necessary to carry out a fundamental purge within our species, among our politicians, our magistrates, our officials, and those occult ones who pull the strings as much as the benefits of the sordid situations they have set up and maintained...
To show then a force of integrity will be a pledge of our will to evolve, already by eliminating the dirty coating that characterizes Mankind, that one by the poor quality of the elected people, deliberately and freely chosen by us to govern us, to represent us.
This demonstrative criterion determines obviously the value of a population...
This is the only benefit of “Democracy”, providing a moral and intellectual census of the voters.
Our perversions, our crimes, our turpitudes, displayed and exposed, will be on the grill.
No escape!
Our only justification will be the nature of Nature, since we will find in some Aliens species the same defects, or even worse, of greater intensities...
We will have so to judge and eliminate all corrupted people among politicians, lawmakers, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, clerks, bailiffs, magistrates, and those within law enforcement, so, almost all of them in some countries like France.
A necessary purge to prove our irremediable will to evolve, to the noble sense.
This is essential!
It is mainly for this reason that those people with powers do not want this revelation, too dangerous for their own little person.

Another misconception will have to be expunged from our little grey cells.
The one to think that our life will be easier after, because indeed it will rather be the opposite, harshly the opposite, much more difficult, already mentally and morally...
We will discover an essential point about ourselves, the insignificance of our little daily suffered miseries, and all the more that of the mediocre people who cause them...
It will remain a primary risk that must be measured and contained, the “Alien” invasion, whether it would be by the flagrant or subtle way...
If we take the postulate according to which Nature by its nature, is the same in the whole Universe, at least of "our" dimension, we can then start from the statement we know well, that of our animal world, and more particularly that of the Human Earthling species:
Bastards are everywhere, and are not distinguished under an exclusive and total species, race, ethnicity, culture, that the one of the same non-biological and non-cultural definition that qualifies them.
It would be too easy for us to recognize them!
And people of the "Good" are also present within any nation, and in any skin colour.
It will be as much as necessary to assimilate this mental discipline, and to know distinguish, without any amalgam, that this same mixture, subtle as to evoke as to detect, is also present within any Alien species.
This indulgence by default will not facilitate us the task of not being able to assign to each of them a definitive quality, a categorical definition putting them in one camp or the other.
We have to keep in mind that, if one species being one of our allies or friends or affinities, denounces another species for its dirty likings, it is possible that we will judge the latter differently, from another point of view.
We will have to form our own opinion, of exemplary probity and precaution.
Denying would be a mental, moral, spiritual and scientific anathema.

There is another important and sensitive topic of discussion.
The notion of death, or rather their knowledge in the matter on the afterlife, because it is a crucial factor in the light of the principle of Life itself, and consequently of its approach by the living beings.
Indeed, if they have “concrete” answers, and therefore definitive, all our “artistic” visions relating to the merits of the legitimacy of our existences could be disrupted.
And if it were a question of the post-mortem “journey” of our “soul”, would the latter go rather into the body of one of these other species?
And how? And for what?
Just by a selection about what we did, or not, on Earth?
The so promised “Heaven”, and the so feared “Hell”, would then be “Aliens” civilizations to which we would be expected or thrown in, according to criteria worthy of a Divine?
Is there at least one Alien species able to control over this destination, or be part of this last judgement?
Here too, the work to undertake will be colossal, but purely at the spiritual level, and all the more difficult to assimilate in order to accept.

I cannot see a way to a seamless and conflict-free disclosure.
It is certain that serious tensions will arise, already as to the differences of opinions, tastes and points of view on what Life is and should be, and how it has to be conducted.

There is also another crucial point to know manage:
The real encounter with these species.
Our esteem, contempt or repulsion/hatred will manifest itself at the first contact with each of them.
It will therefore be essential that each Alien individual be good-natured so as not to make us consider all ones of his species falsely on a negative priori.
Indeed, if the first one we meet is or proves to be a bastard, it will be all the more difficult for us to get rid of the idea of not making it a generality.
And if, on the contrary, he is or seems to be nice, what will happen when we will be confronted with a bastard of his species, without having identified him as such?
Avoiding clichés, but always being careful will be our course of action.
Any naivety could be fatal.
And vice versa, with regard to the Human Earthlings that each of these species will encounter, except that they probably know us much more.

In addition, we will need to be ally of several Alien species since they are not all friends, and that surely some agreements are already signed between some of them, and that the latter will have to undertake some others with our different nations.
But, how could we, Human Earthlings, decide whom we will be allied with, or not, since already there are many and varied dissensions between our own countries...
If we have to opt for a disclosure protocol, there must also be one from each of Alien species towards us.
Since not all of them are friends, it would be useful to use different types of protocols...
Among these rules to be followed is that of indifference, that is to say, that of the so-called "noble" neutrality, which is nothing else than a politically correct cowardice.
The fact remains that at least 60% of Earth’s population is mentally unable to receive such information, and 80% for which a revelation would serve no purpose, both intellectually and materially.
Just 10% maximum of us, will be interested in, and prolific.
The biggest problem of management of this announced crisis will be the generated disappointment, the majority of people having expected a renewal, a help from “Aliens”, like the divine hope of paradise as final reward, providing surely peace and quiet, where evil would be non-existent.
But that will not end like is.
The use of drugs, tranquillizers and anti-depressants will increase, as many as the number of people taking refuge in them...

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